Why should we care…

Hope Goes North (HGN) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating art projects to fundraise collaborations with new Canadian immigration and refugee groups and charities.

Our collaboration projects vary between educational, networking and job placements, or art-based, depending on our partner. HGN's mission also includes trying to create social awareness and educate certain communities on why they should care about new Canadian immigrants and what they can do. Our main event is in early Fall; their first ever event in September 2017 featured the documentary "The Crossing" and a Q&A panel made up of four experts on Canadian immigrants and Canadian immigration policy.

HGN's first event was originally going to a one-off event, with the proceeds being donated to the charity the Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council (MIIC). I was hired to run production for this event; however after the event was over, I approached the board on making this a regular event and an actual organization because I really connected with the vision, which they consented to. I now run the company as its CEO but the most of the board have stayed on.