High School (Etobicoke School of the Arts): 2009-2013

VOLUNTEER: I volunteered for Outside Looking In (OLI), Planet in Focus (PIFF), the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), and Networked Intelligence for Development (NID) acquiring over 400 volunteer hours


EVENT MANAGEMENT: I was the Director of Goatstock and Artifact, and the Manager and Host of Miscellaneous. Goatstock was a winter concert where all the proceeds were donated the proceeds to Oxfam with a goal to fundraise goats for third-world families. Artifact was our version of Improv Everywhere, while Miscesllaneous was a monthly talent show. I was the Social Convenor on Student Council in Grade 11 and did the Morning Announcements in Grade 11-12.

STAGE MANAGER: While attending ESA, I stage managed 54 separate productions, putting in over 300 hours in 4 years.

TALENT MANAGEMENT: I helped manage and produce several musical groups, including Look Out Below, Jessie Munro, and the Jake Feeney Trio.

OTHER: I also co-founded and coached our Ultimate Frisbee team in Grade 12, and coached our Soccer team in Grade 10/11.